Below are a selection of family success stories that we have served through one-on-one coaching sessions, family events, and educational sessions.

Thompson Family

The process of working with an advocate to create an action plan and connect her to the library’s resume writing class has given Lindsay the motivation to achieve her goals. To quote her family advocate: “Lindsay started to take action because of her interaction with me. It’s definitely given her the extra encouragement she needed to follow through on things she already wanted to do.  Sure she could do them without me, but she was discouraged, stuck, and wasn't following through, had no momentum.

Our two meetings seemed to have changed that.  When she came back for the second meeting and told me about the action she took, she referenced our first conversation and about her needing to also take initiative for this process to work!  The process of creating an action plan is also helping her sort through her goals and what she should prioritize and attack now versus later.

For example, she wants to work for DCP&P but knows she needs to get her Bachelor’s degree to get that job.  She hasn't been able to follow through with college because she didn't have some other foundations in place like a job, car, food, etc.  Also, she wants to be able to provide for her teenage daughters. We're talking through her options and she is also considering the direction she would like to take.  It's challenging for her but good!  The process has given her a lot of momentum! In two visits, Lindsay has already taken great strides towards her goals. In a short amount of time she has renewed her drivers’ permit – the first step in securing a drivers’ license, and while studying for the Medical Coding and Billing exam, already has an interview with Manpower temp agency to secure some employment until she is able to complete the test."


Rosario Family

Emily stated at her initial intake session that her husband probably wouldn't be a part of the program because he struggles with mental illness and avoids being in public places with people with whom he's not familiar. The family would occasionally attend high school wrestling matches together, however, they had not done so in quite some time.

Mostly the family would rent movies or watch favorite shows to include him, other than that, going out as a family was usually related to the kids' sports. In the middle of the action planning meeting, Emily’s husband came down from his room and then he went to head upstairs. The family advocate called him over to explain the program. He stayed through that meeting and then attended and participated in the following meeting. The entire family has attended every family fun activity since, despite the fact that those events were outside of the school and meant the presence of more people (as all PALC groups are combined for these activities).

Attendance at these family events also addresses one of their self-identified goals: to improve the quality and quantity of “family time” where everyone is together.


Bryan Family

Hayley and Dylan are a husband and wife that previously struggled with addiction, which led to Hayley losing custody of her three children. Two years ago, Hayley regained custody of her youngest son, Dean, while her other two boys continue to reside with their father. To date the family has:

  • established a budget,
  • explored and practiced different ways to communicate – between husband and wife and between parents and child, leading to more open and better communication within the family,
  • addressed some organizational needs by identifying and updating a trouble spot within their home,
  • begun counseling with their church pastor,
  • developed co-parenting strategies with Dean’s father, Chris. Meetings between the three adults and the FA has led to an increase in communication and respect, with Chris even attending several Parents as Leaders events with Hayley and Dylan. The three adults continue to work together towards Dean’s behavioral and emotional development.

Both Hayley and Dylan are working towards advancing their careers. Hayley is now enrolled at CCC with plans to obtain her CADC certification and Dylan has begun an online certification class related to his IT interests while he continues to work at a home management company. Hayley also continues to be active in her church, Narcotics Anonymous, and with a local Code Blue program. As a family, they often volunteer at various local food banks throughout the area. Although the Parents as Leaders Cooperative does have many programmatic elements, the Bryan’s are an example of the importance of using those programs as a tool to recruit and build relationships so that valuable one-on-one case management can occur. Hayley expressed how meeting with her FA has “changed our whole family dynamic” in a positive way.